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This Extra Life was founded in 2020 by Louise O’Boyle. After spending many years yo-yo dieting, Louise took on the challenge of The Body Coach 90-day plan. In May 2020, Louise graduated from the 90 day plan and immediately joined up to the Body Coach 90 Day Graduate Plan.

About This Extra Life

Louise has learned a lot through her experiences on the 90 day plan. She decided to share the knowledge she gained through the 90 day plan, along with other information relating to health, fitness, diet and nutrition she has learned to like-minded budding leanies.

During her journey to fitness, Louise scoured the internet looking for answers to a lot of her questions. The problem was, this could take hours to find the right resources and solutions. Which certainly wasn’t time-efficient or conducive to a busy, active life.

Birth of This Extra Life

About this extra life

Louise realised that one online resource that held all the accurate answers would be the perfect solution. It would save time, get to the nitty-gritty details of some of the most important questions and make a health and fitness journey more sustainable in the long term.

The idea was there, but to do this effectively, she realised she needed a platform to reach far and wide. Therefore, This Extra Life was born.

A celebration of health, fitness, delicious recipes and important nutritional information all in one place.

What is This Extra Life all about?

This Extra Life is your one-stop resource on everything you need to know about starting your journey to better health, improved fitness, and to enhance a healthy nutritious diet. We’ve got some fabulous recipes to try along with top tips on meal planning right here.

You’ll also find everything you need to know about starting The Body Coach 90 day plan. This plan really has changed Louise’s life, it’s easy to follow and will get results without being restricted to a low calorie, unsustainable diet. Each cycle features new challenges from how to eat, types of exercises and introducing new ways of improving your fitness.

Motivation and support

Regardless of where you are on your journey, This Extra Life will be with you every step of the way. That’s what This Extra Life is all about. We’re here to educate, help, assist, motivate and encourage you to help you make a long term lifestyle change that really will alter your approach to health, fitness, nutrition and life itself.

We love seeing everyone succeed on their journey and we’re all about celebrating the wins, but we’re also here when things are a bit of a struggle. We’ll pick you up, dust you off and get you back on track!


We all know life can get in the way sometimes and throw a few curveballs, but you don’t have to wade through the dark on your own.

When you think about This Extra Life, we want you to think about an amazing community of like-minded people from all different walks of life with at least one overall goal in common. To improve their health and fitness and build a better lifestyle. A community of people supporting each other, raising each other up and pushing each other to keep going.

We hope you can find the information you find while looking about This Extra Life incredibly useful and easy to follow. We want to boost lasting friendships and create a support network as part of our dedicated resource to health, fitness, nutrition and of course, The Body Coach 90 Day Plan.

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