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About This Extra Life

This Extra Life was founded in 2020 by Louise O’Boyle, who is a graduate of The Body Coach 90 day plan. After smashing the 90 day plan, Louise fell in love with feeling healthier and fitter than she ever has before. Now, Louise has turned her passion for fitness into a mission to help others to lead a stronger, fitter and healthier life.

This Extra Life is the one-stop resource for everything our readers need to know about starting their fitness journey. We’re celebrating health, fitness, delicious recipes and important nutritional information all in one online space. We love seeing people succeed and achieving their goals!

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We directly reach readers who are taking steps to improve their health, fitness and nutrition. Our audience is made up as follows:

Why work with This Extra Life


Female: 85%

Male: 15%

Age Range

18-24: 12%

25-34: 41%

35-44: 35%

45-54: 7%

55+: 5%


United Kingdom: 78%

United States: 6%

Ireland: 3%

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